Boatyard Rates

Derecktor Ventura performs services on a time and materials basis except where packages are indicated in the service name. We are happy to provide written estimates for work if you need one. Use the link in the menu above to generate an email requesting an estimate.

General Customer Information

A few points to keep in mind as you plan for work on your boat:

  • You will receive an invoice for your haul and launch prior to your haul-out date. This must be paid before we haul your boat. DIY customers will also have the first week of lay days on that invoice. (This is 5 lay days since you are not charged a lay day for your haul or launch day.)
  • Payment for bottom paint packages is due in full prior to your haul out. Tax on materials and any additional work performed are invoiced separately and must be paid prior to launching your vessel.
  • Progress invoices are created on or about the 10th and 25th of the month. Progress invoices must be paid within 3 days to insure continued work on your boat.
  • Lay days may apply to your vessel if DVI completes the work order and you cannot pick up your vessel within 24 hours. We do our best to let customers know in plenty of time when their project will be complete so they can plan appropriately. DIY customers pay lay days for every day the boat is stored in the yard, rain or shine.
  • All communication about your project must be in writing, especially additions or changes to your work order. Please use email for that.


We can haul boats up to 30 tons in weight and maximum beam of 15 feet. We do not haul ferrocement boats or houseboats. The rates listed here include the haul and launch and pressure wash of the bottom. Your hull should be maintained by a diver regularly. If your boat arrives with mussels or excessive leafy growth on the hull, you will have to hire a diver to clean the bottom at our dock before haul out. If there is excessive slime growth from a lack of hull maintenance requiring extra time for pressure washing, there is an additional fee.

Boats under 30′ $385 (minimum charge for haul/launch)
30 to 34′ $13.50 per foot
35 to 39′ $14 per foot
40 to 44′ $14.50 per foot
45 to 49′ $15 per foot
Boat 50′ and longer $17 per foot


Marine technician labor (sanding, buffing, waxing, etc.)
$100 per hour

Marine specialist labor (painting, welding, metal fabrication, woodworking, fiberglass and structural repairs, plumbing, driveline, and running gear, etc.)
$125 per hour


These packages are for fiberglass and metal vessels in standard or good condition. Wood vessels or any vessel in fair to poor condition will require an estimate once the vessel is hauled out. All package pricing includes the haul and launch, pressure washing, and all time and materials, including paint. It does not include sales tax on materials or environmental and energy surcharges (calculated based on your invoice total). We have chosen the following paints for their performance, value, and application properties. We are happy to apply a paint of your choice. All paint must be purchased through Derecktor.

Available colors are black, blue, and red.
Available colors are black, blue, dark blue, green, red, shark white, and teal.

Base antifouling bottom paint package pricing for Z-Spar hard paint (1 coat plus additional coat along the water line and leading edges of bow, keel, and rudder) is:

$75 per foot for vessels 25 (minimum for package pricing) to 32 feet
$85 per foot for vessels 33 to 39 feet
$95 per foot for vessels 40 to 49 feet
$110 per foot for vessels 50 feet and longer

Add $15 per foot for Cukote ablative paint (2 coats plus an additional coat along the water line and leading edges of the bow, keel, and rudder).

Add $25 per foot for a racing bottom paint package (hard paint sprayed on and burnished prior to launch).

Any additional coat of primer or paint is $15 per foot.

Please request an estimate for topsides (hull), hull striping, cabin top and nonskid, and/or mast and spars painting.

Thank you for choosing Derecktor Ventura for your boat maintenance and repair needs!